7 Super Bowl Outfit Ideas

The Super Bowl is definitely a big deal in our house. But, I’m really just here for the outfits. I’ve put together 7 super bowl outfits to try out whether you’re going to the game or hanging out with friends. All of these outfits can be switched around in color so you can rep your favorite team and I wanted to use items that can be very versatile in your wardrobe. There’s no need to go out and purchase a whole outfit! Use what you have, and maybe get yourself a fun accessory. If I could recommend one it’s a clear bag from Game Day Fitted. Guys, I am so obsessed with these cute clear bags! They are amazing quality, stadium approved and you don’t have to ruin your outfit with an ugly clear bag! I’ll be using mine every season from here on out! Plus, they’re good to have for concerts, festivals or anything else that might have a clear bag policy.

1. Leather Jacket

The perfect outfit that’s just the right amount of edgy and sporty.

Crop Top // Leather Jacket // Jeans // Heels // Hat // Earrings // Clear Bag

This crop top from revolve comes in multiple colors and is a great way to add some color to your look. I wear these jeans everyday and I swear these Amazon heels are the best heels ever. The baseball cap brings in a casual vibe to the look which I love.

2. Football jersey

We’re not talking frat boy with a jersey and a hoodie here…

Hands down my favorite look. I love a dressed down blazer fit and who’s to say we can’t bring that to game day?

Black Blazer // T-Shirt // Jeans // Black Booties // Earrings // Clear Bag

I love an oversized blazer like this one from Show Pony. It’s perfect to elevate a jean look and whether it’s for a game or not! I’m really into this vintage t-shirt look and I wear these black booties all the time!

4. Understated

Simple. Classic. Versatile. You can’t go wrong with this understated game day look.

White T-Shirt // Jeans // Amazon Heels // Sweatshirt // Earrings // Clear Bag

You can never go wrong with a white t-shirt and a good pair of jeans. A super easy way to add color and rep your favorite team is to add a colored crewneck like this one. I’ve said it 12 times and I’ll say it again. I love these Amazon heels.

5. Super casual

It doesn’t get more casual than this! Well… maybe sweats but we’re not wearing that to a football game.

Crewneck // Shorts // White Sneakers // Earrings // Clear Fanny Pack

This is such an easy look! You probably have all of these items in your closet already. I love this vintage crewneck paired with something casual like jean shorts. White sneakers are always a good idea, especially if you plan to be on your feet all day.

6. Leather Skirt

A very edgy football game look if I ever saw one! Plus this skirt is under $20 on Amazon.

Vintage T-shirt // Leather Skirt // Black Boots // Earrings // Clear Bag

I’m sensing a vibe with these vintage t-shirts… I do love this Amazon skirt though. It’s under $20 and super cute. The black croc boots just add a little extra flare!

7. Sweater dress

A cute vibe that’s also very versatile!

Amazon Sweater Dress // Black Boots // Hat // Earrings // Clear Fanny Pack

This Amazon sweater dress is a perfect staple to keep in your closet. I love it with the black croc boots and you can add a baseball cap to dress it down and sport your colors!

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