One thing I have been dying to try is weaving. I follow countless Instagram accounts involving the craft and have been drooling over it for about 3 months now. HelloHydrangea is one of my favorite artists. She offers lots of lessons on how to do certain weaving techniques. Some of her work has even been featured in an Anthropologie collection!

At last I decided to give it a go. I built my own frame loom using 2x4s and some nails. It was very very simple!

Instead of doing a small lap loom to start my practice off… I went for a giant version that I could eventually hang above my bed. Here is my idea image:


I made my loom roughly 3’x4′

I decided to make this project even MORE interesting by learning how to spin my own yarn and using that to create the weaving.

Here are some pictures of how it’s been going:

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