Do you know that feeling when you just aren’t excited about something anymore? You put so much time and effort into making a dream happen, but you just…don’t enjoy doing it. But, there’s no possible way you could just quit. Quitting is for losers after all! Plus, what are you going to say to all the people who saw the work you were doing and encouraged you? Are you going to tell them you just simply lost interest?

Well, yeah… that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m quitting. Errrr… redirecting my energy. And honestly, I don’t care how anyone else feels about it because I refuse to keep putting time and energy into something I’m not enjoying. Maybe that makes me a loser, but all of my self-help books tell me to make mistakes and to be unafraid to do what’s best for me. So, here we go.

Hello and Welcome to my … blog? Idea journal? Place where I show you my closet? I’m not quite sure what to exactly call this thing yet, but I can tell you that it will be fun and it will be real.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Coming up with ideas, prototyping them and then inevitably changing my mind. Almost a year ago, I had an idea to start an online boutique – The Other Lane. I wanted to find and sell clothes for young professionals that weren’t hole-torn jeans or mid-drift tops with puffy sleeves and polka dots. I would go online shopping for clothes and come across these super “trendy” looks and I had the following problems/thoughts:

  1. I would never wear that to work… or really at all
  2. All the clothes from these ~trendy~ online boutiques did not fit like the pictures. And worst of all…
  3. The return policy sucked. You mean to tell me I can only return these $89 jeans for store credit, AND I have to pay for return shipping? No thanks.

I wanted to help those women who work at their 9-5’s or are building their businesses (or both!), and like me want to live life in The Other Lane. Free of trendy clothes that aren’t practical for anything but a good Instagram pic. So, I made a website, created a logo, bought some pieces and got started. I was SO excited about this idea, and that has not changed! But, after a few months I realized that I didn’t actually enjoy what I was doing enough to keep going. I still like the idea of helping young professionals, but let’s face it I don’t have enough time or money to run that kind of business on the scale I would like to. Maybe one day I’ll convince Mr. Wonderful to help me out, but that day isn’t today.

So, in true entrepreneurial fashion, I’ve decided to turn The Other Lane into a blog. with the same goal — helping young professionals navigate the working world and look great while doing it.

Here I am going to share things like what I wear to work, products I love (and hate), and be VERY real with you about what it’s like for me to work full-time and dream big on the weekends. No gimmicks, no bulls**t. Just me sharing my life and hopefully inspiring you!

So if you will, join me back in The Other Lane as we try to figure all of this out together.

Oh, did I mention that I like to knit? You will see me doing that a lot here.

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