5 Tips for Decorating a Large Kitchen Island


I have been searching for the perfect tray for my massive kitchen island fo so long… and today I finally found it! The large round wicker tray from Target brings in just the right amount of sophistication and warmth to my apartment.

I’m rounding up my 5 best tips for decorating a kitchen island below.

  1. Go big or go home. I knew from the moment I saw this island that what it needed was a large statement piece in the center. Using a big tray helps to anchor everything down and not make everything feel so distant and spread out – which is easy to do when working with a big space like this.

  2. Play with different heights. Adding florals can be such a good option to give your design some height. Drawing your eye up in this case make the island feel more narrow, without actually taking away from the counter space.

  3. Give it some Depth. Until I added magazines to this vignette, it didn’t look “right.” Give your eye one more (subtle) thing to look at to add some depth to a design. It’s a bonus because this also adds a little height.

  4. Use different textures and materials. Keep it interesting by using different materials such as glass, ceramic and wicker like I did here. If I were to use all glass, it might cause my eye to just brush over the entire look without taking in the different elements you get when you mix materials.

  5. Fresh Flowers. While these are definitely good for adding height, they also deserve their own bullet point for freshness. Flowers are just scream “welcome to my home” and “I have it all together” and they are so easy to incorporate and change up seasonally.

What’s your favorite way to decorate a large space?

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Wicker Tray // Similar Vase // Ceramic Vase // Candle // Magazines


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