The Best Travel Outfit | My Travel Outfit to Fresno

I’ve been traveling for many many years, and I finally have the perfect outfit that makes so much sense for the airport!

First of all, the shoes are important. I’ve tried sandals or comfy flats, but tennis shoes are really the best option because you wear socks. When you are going through security and have to remove your shoes… socks are just an obvious choice for me.

Second, the pants. I got these Lululemon On The Fly pants for Christmas and they are a GAME CHANGER. They’re so comfortable. There’s plenty of give in them, so if you’re like me and like to curl up in your seats, these are perfect. but my favorite part about these is the pockets. I’ve never enjoyed traveling in leggings because there’s just no where to put anything. Plus these pockets have pockets… The tiny pocket on the inside is perfect for storing my ID after I’ve given it to the TSA agent and don’t want to dig around again for my wallet. Plus, I like to start unloading my items (hello two laptops) before I even get to security, so this just makes things so much easier for me.

Lastly, the tank is a must because my favorite way to wear it is with a sports bra. I wouldn’t be caught dead in an airport with a real bra on. No thanks.

This outfit is just so flattering, and IMO you can never go wrong with an all black fit!


Tank // Pants // Similar Shoes // Sweatshirt // Bag // Sunglasses

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