3 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas (With a FREE Printable!)

I usually never decorate for Halloween. I’m more of a fall/pumpkin decor kinda gal. But, I wanted to do at least a little something this year without spending too much (well really any) money. And so, these 3 cheap diy halloween decor ideas were born. They’re also all super easy!

  1. Flying Bats

    This one is my favorite! To create these I used a bat icon on Canva.com, and cut it out on construction paper using my Cricut. If you don’t have a Cricut you can also just print out an image of a bat and use it as an outline to cut them out by hand on black construction paper. I also made tiny bats to use in the guest bathroom!

2. Tassel Ghosts

Another super super easy idea. All you do is use a tassel maker to make white tassels and then add eyes! SO easy! I used a sharpie but you could also glue on construction paper or anything else really! After I made all the tassels, I strung them together and hung just below my TV.

3. Free Halloween Printables

My all time favorite decor hack is using matted picture frames. You can change out the photo inside for every season or holiday making it super versatile! I have these cheap pictures frames from Amazon and they’re great! I like this particularly because the backs are easy to get off, so changing out the photos isn’’t hard on your nails.

I made these printables in canva at a size 5”x8” and simply printed them out on cardstock and put them in my frames. Viola! You can create your own super easily or download my free printables here.

If you re-create any of these please tag me on Instagram @kaylin_jeanette. I’d love to see your own creations!



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