Christmas Tree Decor Under $35 (& The Best Christmas Tree Decor Hack Ever!)

*Read to the end for the BEST Christmas Tree decor hack ever!!

This is my first year having a life-sized Christmas tree and I couldn’t be more excited. But, since we won’t be in this apartment much longer I didn’t want to spend too much money on the tree decor. I was feeling a little bit of a boho vibe this year, so I set off to create a really pretty boho Christmas tree under $35 – which was all the cash I had in my pocket.

I didn’t go into this project with a specific look, and when that happens I like to go browsing until I find one piece that inspires me. I found this ribbon at Michael’s and my jaw DROPPED. I knew I had to have it and use it on my tree. And from there, everything else fell into place.

One of the best Christmas tree decor hacks is to use picks to fill in the sparce places on your tree. I knew pampas grass would complement the ribbon really well so after searching EVERYWHERE I finally found this pampas on Amazon and I am beyond impressed! It lasts for years so I plan to keep it in my home decor inventory for as long as I can.

After that the rest was so easy. I found these clear and frosted ornaments under $4 at Walmart, and I made some DIY boho ornaments (tutorial here) to bring in some of the white I knew I would be using in the tree skirt.

Okay – and then comes the best Christmas tree hack I have ever seen. A blanket as a tree skirt. It’s GENIUS! It’s free and it looks so so good. I hate tree skirts anyways because I don’t like that there is this space between the bottom of the tree and the skirt. I had this blanket from Target that just isn’t very comfortable anymore but looks really cool and I knew it was the perfect addition.

And that’s my tree! I’m so in love with it I just can’t stop staring. I want it lit every second of the day! All the items I used for this tree are linked below. If you try out something similar for your tree, tag me on Instagram @Kaylin_Jeanette. I would love to see what you come up with!



Ribbon (the best ribbon ever)

Frosted Ornaments (I found a smaller pack in-store)

Glass Ornaments

Pampas Grass

Gold Cedar Leaves Pick (the perfect finisher)

DIY Christmas Ornaments

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