3 Pool Party Ideas For Your Next Summer Bash

I’m all about the pool vibes now that it’s finally warm enough to hang outside. It’s getting me in the party spirit and I’ve pulled together three amazing pool party themes to try this summer. Get your balloon and floaty pumps ready!

1. Flamingo Pool Party

Flamingo Float / Pink Beach Ball / Feather Beach Ball / Globe Cups / Flamingo Plate / Pink Striped Towel / Flamingo Napkin / Flamingo Punch Bowl / Large Pink Balloons / Large White Balloons

Of course for a flamingo themed pool party we have to have a giant flamingo float. I wanted to keep the flamingos more subtle but I found these flamingo plates and this flamingo punch bowl (!!) that I’m so obsessed with. Plus, a clear beach ball with pink feathers add a nice themed touch without over doing it. How fun are those?! Lastly, I’d put together a nice Cucumber watermelon cocktail for my guests and serve it up in these custom globe cups. I love some good balloon decor so I’d either have a big balloon garland made in light pink/white or for a more cost effective option, blow up the large balloons with helium and float them around your outside space at different heights to create a dynamic look.

2. Retro Pool Party

Red Lips Float / Large Pink Balloons / Large Red Balloons / Flamingo Plate / White Beach Ball / Pink Stripe Beach Ball / Disco Cups / Custom Napkins / Malibu Barbie Pool Float / Flamingo Punch Bowl / Red Heart Glasses

3. Cool Coastal Pool Party

Keep it fun with a retro themed pool party. I again had to bring in the flamingo plates and punch bowl because I love them that much. I’m seriously considering buying them for my future backyard pool. The red lips and Malibu Barbie pool float are just to die for and really bring this party theme together! I’m super into this pale pink and red color scheme and what better way to explore them than a fun party?

Large Navy Balloons // Large White Balloons // Shell Float // Nautical Tube // Blue Beach Ball // Blue Striped Towel // Lobster Plate // Raffia Charger // Shell Napkins // Blue Stripe Corn Hole

Keepin it cool on the coast. A more laid back vibe, but still a killer party theme. Just imagine this shell floaty floating along in your pool! The cool coastal party theme is all about chill vibes and games, so bringing in corn hole or beach volleyball are how I’d really solidify the theme.

I’d love to see how your summer pool parties turn out! Tag me on Instagram @kaylin_jeanette



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