5 Tips For Working From Home

I’ve been working from home for quite some time now and I can honestly say I love it. How I used to get fully ready, pack lunch and commute 30 minutes to work IN AN OFFICE before 9:00AM, I’ll never know.  After working from home now for over 2 years, I’ve gained some tips and tricks I’d love to share with you.

#1 Set Up a Morning Routine

Setting up a morning routine and habits has been crucial for my WFH productivity. I have a few variations that I alternate between depending on my workload that day and how I feel when I wake up. But, the habits that I’ve established for my morning are always the same: coffee (duh), physical activity, cleaning, and getting ready for the day.

What my typical morning looks like:

  • Make coffee and start some laundry
  • Walk Rookie (sometimes we take our walk to Starbucks to get coffee)
  • Workout (some days this is just walking for an hour)
  • Shower and get ready for the day
  • Clean up the apartment
  • Light a candle and start working

#2 Schedule Breaks and Time To Get Out of The House

This is really big for me because I’m very guilty of getting in the zone and not moving from my desk for hours. There have been days where I haven’t even stepped outside so I try to be really intentional about adding it into my schedule. For me, this is something as simple as running to the grocery store, taking rookie on a walk, or grabbing myself a small treat. No matter what this looks like for you, I think it’s important to remind ourselves that life exists beyond our desks. Beyond just getting out of the house, taking a short break is really great for your mind. I always come back with a clear head and ready to tackle the next chunk of my work day.

#3 Set Boundaries With Your Time

If you’re someone who tends to work until 9 or 10PM every night, it’s time to set some boundaries. It’s so easy to do, especially when you really care about your work. But, setting boundaries with yourself about your time is super freeing and allows you to feel like you still have a life outside of work. Something I’ve done to help with this is time blocking my calendar with all of my daily tasks. By doing this I’m able to see how much work I can realistically fit into a day, and prioritize the most urgent items. If you can’t fit it into your day but it’s still super urgent you’ll know that it’s time to ask for some support from those you work with.

#4 Have a Set Up That Works For You

Whether it’s your kitchen table, couch or desk, it’s really important to have a designated place to get your work done. Before I had an actual desk, I had a work from home “kit” that I would bring on and off the couch or table during my working hours. When I’m not working, the kit goes away.

My work from home set up:

On the wishlist:

#5 Plan Fun Activities Throughout The Week (Not Just On The Weekend)

Having something to look forward to is sometimes crucial in getting through the day. This could be something like watching your favorite show, making a fun meal, or (often for me) opening your packages that are at the door. One of the perks of working from home is the extra time you gain and the flexibility. So take advantage of it!



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