Review: Beis Weekender Bag

I’m honestly all in on anything Beis. Their products are so well designed and they seriously do think of everything you might need when it comes to travel. I was looking for a good weekender bag to take on flights, and while I don’t think the Beis weekender bag is it, I do think it’s a really great bag for travel.

Let’s start with the burning question, does the Beis weekender fit under the seat on an airplane? Not really. The first time I tried to fit this bag under the seat I didn’t have any room for my feet and I’m honestly surprised the flight attendants didn’t make me put it overhead. However, once I took out my laptop I was able to squeeze it in a little bit more. The height of the laptop sleeve is actually pretty weird because it creates a bump on the top of the bag which makes it harder to close, and gives it too much height for under seat use. Not a fan of that. it’s also way too loose to securely hold a laptop unless you have a sleeve on it. I think we would be better off with no laptop sleeve on this one.

Let’s talk about the things I like about the bag:

1. The trolley pocket. Beis adds a trolley pocket to all of their bags and it’s just simply brilliant. They are super snug so you never have to worry about your bag doing that deathly loop around the suitcase handle.

2. The strap length. One of my biggest pet peeves with bags is when you need two hands to get it on your shoulder. I have to give it to Beis that every bag they make is able to be picked up and put on your shoulder with one arm.

3. The zip around bottom compartment. I wasn’t sure this would give me much more packing space but it honestly makes a huge difference. It’s the perfect size for packing shoes and I can also fit my dirty clothes bag in here while traveling.

Although I don’t think this bag is great for airplane travel (I think you’d be better off with the mini weekender or the convertible weekender), it was perfect when I used it for a 4 day road trip. It’s compact, spacious and you can tell the Beis team thought through the design (except for the weird laptop sleeve).

Xx, Kaylin

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