DIY Decor Hack Under $5… Seriously!

I saw this super easy DIY decor hack and I knew I HAD to try it! This cost me literally $3.50 to make… that’s insane! And there are so many possibilities and size options with this DIY decor!

What I love about this decor hack is that you can make it using supplies you could find around your house, and the decor possibilities with this are endless!


  • Bowl (I used a plastic one)

  • Cup (plastic again)

  • Crazy glue

  • Paint (color of your choice)

  • Baking Soda

  • Bowl to mix the paint

  • Paint brush or sponge

  • Sanding block or pad (optional)


  1. The first (most boring) step in every project is the prep. Lay down something that you don’t mind getting paint on. I used an old pillow case but you could also use paper. Give the bowl and cup a quick wipe down to remove any dust and let it dry. Once dry, give it a quick little sanding. This is optional, but I wanted to make sure the paint stuck to the surface. I did this VERY lightly all over.

  2. Mix your paint of choice with some baking soda. Baking soda gives the paint a really cool matte textured look! I didn’t measure this at all, and the more baking soda you add the thicker and more textured your paint will be


3. Paint the outside of the cup, and both the inside and outside of the bowl. Let dry, and give it a second coat. For my second coat, I put the paint on really thick so it would create some added texture from the brush strokes. You could get really creative here and use tools like a sponge to create a unique textured look with the paint.

4. Once the paint is dry, put some crazy glue on the bottom of the cup and place it on the bottom center of the bowl.

5. That is it!! It’s so easy! Now the possibilities are endless. Use it to hold keys, flowers or seasonal decor like pumpkins.

If you try this project tag me on Instagram @Kaylin_Jeanette so I can see your amazing projects!

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