My Fall Uniform // The Perfect Casual Fall Outfit

You’ll catch me in this outfit about 567 timeS this fall. It’s So easy and There arE so many variations you could make with these pieces.

BeanIe // boots // Puffer vest

Imo the most basic fall outfit you can make is black leggings and a black lomg sleeve shirt. From there the POSSIBILITIES are really endless! I saw someone on instAgram wearing a similar cropped vest and wHen i saw this one at h&m i knew i had to have it! It’s only available in store currently, but this zara one is very similar! I’ve always always been a vest girl so it was a no brainer for me. If you’re able to snag the h&m version it’s 1/2 the price!

this beanie is another item im newly obsessed witH. It’s from slouch headwear, and they orIginally made beanies for babies but when i saw the simplicity in this i knew i had to have it for fall/winter. I really love that it doesn’t have a huge tag on the front like most beanies do.

and finally, the show stopper. These dolce vita booties. When i tell you guys wvery time i look at them i’m just in love!! I never thought i cOuld pull off boots like this But they are so cute! They’re the perfect amount of “chunky” without looking massive. So if you’re looking for chunky black booties for fal i hughly recommend these!!

if you tRy out this fall outfit tag me on instagram @kaylin_jeanEtte so i can see all your pretty faces!!



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