• My Favorite Shampoo + Conditioner | The Crown Affair

    My Favorite Shampoo + Conditioner | The Crown Affair

    If you’re looking for a shampoo and conditioner for soft and silky hair, look no further than The Crown Affair’s The Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner.

    Last winter I tried The Ritual Shampoo + Conditioner on a total whim and now it’s my holy grail, can’t live without it product.

    Immediately my hair felt softer, more nourished and even more bouncy and light.

    I briefly went back to the Ouai shampoo that I’ve been using for YEARS just to see if The Crown Affair was truly the unicorn I thought it was. All I could think about was using my old product up as fast as I could so that I could switch back to The Ritual Shampoo + Conditioner. I’ve finally restocked my stash and I couldn’t be happier.

    The shampoo feels super gentle, but uses coconut-based surfactants to really get a nice cleanse and Tsubaki Seed Oil to moisturize and add shine without weighing your hair down. Before I switched to Crown Affair I was really big on using volumizing shampoos which I feel like really stripped my hair, making my roots super oily and my ends super dry. But with this, my hair feels SO clean and weightless.

    As if it couldn’t get better, the scent is so amazing and makes the whole experience feel super luxurious. I actually look forward to washing my hair! Which, is not often because did I mention I can get a full week out of my wash with this stuff? I don’t know what kind of magic is in this shampoo but my hair doesn’t get nearly as oily when I’m using it. I’ve gone 8 days before.

    Beyond the magical product, I absolutely love it when brands are super intentional and thoughtful about their product packaging and Crown Affair really hit the nail on the head with a twist top shampoo cap. It looks so good aesthetically and when you start to run low and tip the shampoo bottle upside down, there’s no spilling product or fumbling to open the bottle (I’m looking at that other brand.)

    In addition to the shampoo + conditioner, I tested out the Leave In Conditioner which just made the entire system that much better. It lasted me SO LONG that I was even using it in conjunction with my old shampoo during my test run. When I stopped using it I just kept wishing it was back on my counter. It’s another amazing product that helps with dryness, enhances my natural hair texture and even provides heat protection.

    I wish you guys could feel how soft my hair is using this stuff, so if you see me out and about I promise I won’t be mad if you grab (or sniff) my hair.

    Crown Affair, I love you.



  • Outdoor Patio Inspo

    Outdoor Patio Inspo

    As we’re inching closer to the end of the summer, I’m starting to miss those cool fall mornings. It’s really got me wanting to get my patio nice and cozy so I can sip my coffee outside every morning. Keeping it neutral and cozy, here’s my inspiration for my outdoor patio space.

    I really like the idea of this outdoor sofa from Crate + Barrel, because it’s modular. So when we eventually move to a house with an actual backyard space, we can just add to the love seat instead of having to buy a whole new outside set up. I also love me an outdoor nap, so a sofa is a must for a cozy space.

    Going for this acrylic coffee table for simplicity and to have space to slide the rattan ottoman underneath to save some space.

    For decor, I’m opting for this tan and black rug from the Becki Owens x Surya collection, these pillow covers from Etsy and I’ve been wanting these led lamps from Amazon for a while.

    The perfect place for a morning coffee work sesh. 🙂



  • My Mango Sale Picks

    My Mango Sale Picks

    I’m such a Mango snob ever since I shopped in their Barcelona store for the first time. I’ve been eyeing the site for days to find the best picks, so without further ado here are my top Mango sale picks. A lot of the pants that are included would be great for a spring capsule wardrobe.

    Shop my Mango sale picks on like to know it

    Textured Cardigan

    I ordered this textured cardigan to add to my Spring capsule wardrobe. It will be a really great winter to spring transition piece.


    Croc Leather Pants

    I’m absolutely obsessed with these croc leather pants. I’d pair these with a simple white tee and sandals for an effortless look.


    Croc Leather Pants (in green)

    I really didn’t have a choice but to order these. I think they are so cool and an interesting take on leather pants.


    Olive Green Wool Coat

    I’ve been eyeing this olive green coat all winter, and it’s on sale for $100 off. Now is really the best time to stock up on closet staples for next winter because stores are cleaning out their inventory in preparation for spring.


    Black Wool Coat

    Another great closet staple o grab while it’s on sale. You’ll wear this all winter long.


    1/4 Zip Striped Sweater

    I’ve seen sweaters like this all over Pinterest, and I love the 1/4 zip take on a classic sweater.


    Brown Leather Drawstring Pants

    These are a super cute casual take on leather pants, and I really love the chocolate brown color. Great piece for winter to spring transition.


    Classic Leather Pants

    If you want to keep the leather pants trend super simple, I love these leather pants with a kick ankle flair that are included in the sale.


    Brown Croc Leather Bag

    If I was still going into the office I would snag this brown croc leather bag. It’s super cute and not too large if you’re not a big bag lady.


    Happy shopping!

    Xx, Kaylin

  • My Picks From the Gap Sale

    My Picks From the Gap Sale

    I’ve always loved shopping for basics and closet staples at Gap. Since they are having a huge 60% off sale, I wanted to share my top picks and what I would buy at the sale. all of these items would be a great addition to a spring capsule wardrobe!

    Shop my picks on like to know it

    Cashsoft Hoodie

    I’ve been eyeing Gap’s cashsoft collection since it came out this fall. This cashmere hoodie would be so cute under a leather jacket.


    Cashsoft Sweater Pants

    I’d make it a full set with these cozy cashmere knit pants for a cute WFH look.


    Sweetheart Neckline Sweater

    This sweetheart sweater would be a great winter to spring transition piece or the perfect addition to a spring capsule wardrobe.


    Oversized Black Turtleneck

    I’ve been on the hunt for a good oversized black turtleneck and I’m loving this one that’s included in the sale.


    Oversized Striped Turtleneck

    I’ve seen similar sweaters to this all over Pinterest this season. You can never go wrong with a classic striped sweater.


    Cropped Denim Shirt

    I love this take on a chambray shirt. Would be a great spring capsule wardrobe staple.


    Cropped Denim Jacket

    I haven’t found a denim jacket I love, but I truly love this cropped denim jacket from Gap. It’s got a great boxy fit that still looks flattering.


    Button Back Top

    This twist on a classic button up has me super intrigued. It comes in a few colors including white.


    70s Flare Jeans

    These flare jeans have a really cool front pocket that I’m super into. I think these will be a huge trend this spring.


    Happy shopping!

    Xx, Kaylin

  • 4 Iconic Anne Hathaway Looks and How To Recreate Them

    4 Iconic Anne Hathaway Looks and How To Recreate Them

    Since 2022, Anne Hathaway has really been upping her fashion game, standing out in hot pink sequins and looking back to her Devil Wears Prada days with an ensemble Andy Sachs (post-makeover) would be proud of. She’s caught the attention of the fashion world and along with her stylist, Erin Walsh, has put together some incredibly iconic looks that I can’t wait to recreate.

    The Hot Pink Valentino Jump Suit

    Photo by Harper’s Bazaar

    Anne wore this “Valentino Pink PP” jumpsuit to the 2022 Cannes Festival and it’s had the fashion world in a chokehold ever since. Brands like Revolve and Lulus have created their own “electric fuchsia” suits in step with this iconic look.


    This hot pink jumpsuit from Revolve is satisfying all my cravings to recreate Anne’s look for Spring.


    An Ode to Andy Sachs

    Photo by Buzzfeed

    Looking similar to Andy Sach’s from The Devil Wears Prada, Anne wore a brown croc trench coat over a black and brown outfit, giving all the fall vibes!


    To get this look, start with this brown croc jacket from Toccin, add a reddish-brown oversized sweater over a great leather skirt. Like Anne, I added a sleek pair of black pumps to pull together this classic look.


    The Oversized Blazer

    Photo by Vogue

    Styling an oversized blazer seems to be second nature to Anne since she wears it so well in this look. I knew this one would be a great one to create an everyday look for!


    After seeing this look, I knew the Anine Bing Kaia blazer would be the perfect every day blazer for this fit. Paired with a simple white mini dress, some slouchy boots and a matching bag. Let’s not forget to add some shimmer with some diamond sunglasses.


    The Casual Chic Look

    Elevating jeans and a tee is my love language. I love this casual chic look Anne wore with some 70s style flare jeans.


    One of my favorite casual Anne Hathaway looks of course starts with a super flared jean. Paired with a basic tee, a white cropped jacket and tied together with some strappy yellow heels. For accessories I added some big sunglasses and a metallic clutch.


    Xx, Kaylin

  • The 12 Pieces You Need For a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

    The 12 Pieces You Need For a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

    Spring is right around the corner (someone please tell it to hurry up), and now is the best time to start planning your spring wardrobe. If you’re looking to get a solid staple closet for the warmer months, I’ve got you covered with the 12 pieces you need for a spring capsule wardrobe. Now, I don’t necessarily think building a capsule wardrobe means you have to go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe. My hope here is to give you lots of options and a great variety of styles so you can incorporate pieces you already own. Plus, with this capsule wardrobe formula, you’ll be able to put together a comprehensive list of the items you DO need to shop for this year. I also want to encourage you to use pieces from your winter wardrobe, and rethink the styling of them for Spring. This is a great way to extend the wear of your garments and help determine what items are worth investing in for your closet.

    So, here’s the capsule wardrobe formula:

    • 3 Jackets
    • 3 Tops
    • 3 Pants
    • 3 Shoes
    • 3 Accessories (Bonus)

    = The 12 pieces you can wear 100 ways (well, 81 to be exact.)

    These pieces will be the staples for your Spring looks that you can build upon and remix throughout the season to create a cohesive and elevated wardrobe. So, without further ado, let’s get into the 12 pieces you need for a spring Spring capsule wardrobe.


    The spring time still gets pretty chilly (especially here in Tennessee) so you’ll definitely need some lightweight outerwear for your spring wardrobe. I recommend a lightweight sweater, a sweatshirt, and a medium weight jacket. These can be in any style or color that fits your style best, but with this formula you should be covered for those cold spring nights. I’ve picked some of my favorite options below.

    Lightweight Sweater (Choose one)

    Whether a crew neck or a cardigan are more your style, grabbing a good lightweight knit sweater is a no-brainer for your spring wardrobe. Plus, it’s the perfect seasonal transition piece to keep you warm on those colder spring nights. The best part about lightweight sweaters is that they can be worn as a layering piece or by themselves as a cute top. We love multipurpose items!

    Crew Neck Sweater

    This lightweight cashmere sweater is the perfect spring sweater in my opinion. It’s nice and warm without being too toasty since it’s so lightweight, making it the perfect addition to a spring wardrobe.



    I love cardigan’s lately because you can wear them over a basic tee or tank, or wear them as their own top. I’d recommend getting something more fitted that buttons in the front over something oversized, so that it can be worn by itself, which will add a lot more variety to our capsule wardrobe. It’s a great layering piece to get you through the winter/spring transition.


    Sweater With a Collar

    I really love the collar trend that we’re going to be seeing a lot of this season. A simple way to add this trend to your wardrobe is to grab a sweater with a great polo collar. This cropped sweater from Aritzia would be my pick, and it comes in a ton of colors.


    Sweatshirt (Choose one)

    To keep it cozy and casual, we’re going to add in a nice sweatshirt to our spring capsule wardrobe. This can be a crew neck, a 1/4 zip, a full zip, or whatever style of sweatshirt suits your style best. It will be great for throwing on for spring road trips or running errands. Plus you probably already have a sweatshirt from your fall wardrobe that will look great.

    1/4 Zip Sweatshirt

    I love a 1/4 zip sweatshirt because it gives an elevated look to something super cozy. It can be dressed down with leggings or shorts, and dressed up a little bit with jeans. I already have a 1/4 zip in my rotation, but if I didn’t I would be adding this one from J Crew.


    Crewneck Sweatshirt

    You can’t go wrong with a simple crewneck. Keep it basic like this one from __ or go with something graphic – the Anine Bing one is really popular and a great staple.



    Hoodies can be elevated too! I love adding a hoodie to my capsule wardrobe because it gives off an effortless vibe while being super cozy and casual. Wear it to run errands or throw on some gold hoops to dress it up a bit. You can find hoodies at so many price points, but if you’re looking ro splurge, I’ve had this Anine Bing hoodie on my wishlist for a while.


    Jacket (Choose one)

    Since we want to focus a lot on transitioning our wardrobe pieces from winter to spring. A staple jacket will be the best place. For my spring capsule, I’m including a trench coat because I just love it.

    Trench Coat

    I’m obsessed with the look of a trench coat for spring. In my opinion it’s truly the best option because it doubles as a rain jacket, and I wear mine in the winter so it’s a great transition piece for me.


    Jean Jacket

    Some sort of jean jacket is a staple in every wardrobe. now, I’m not a huge fan of a denim jacket on myself, so I opt for a green utility jacket that fits my style a bit more. The goal here is just something a little bit heavier that we can throw on for a chilly night.


    Leather Jacket

    I’ve talked about my leather jacket a million times, but it’s because it’s truly one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I wear it all year round and it’s the best for quickly elevating an outfit without it looking too dressy. Plus, there are tonssss of different styles out there so you can definitely find something that fits your taste.



    A Button Up (Choose one)

    There are many many options when it comes to choosing a staple button up. From fabric composition, to cut and color, it can be pretty overwhelming. Choose something that you love and that makes you excited, but make sure it’s versatile with the rest of your items, and I’d also recommend going with a 100% cotton or linen so that it will still be super wearable when it gets super hot outside.

    The most classic, and most basic piece of clothing you could add to your closet. To me, a white button up for spring and summer is a must have. It’s great for throwing on with jeans but it also doubles as a beach cover up that I love. A white button up is one of those items that you can wear year round, so I would definitely invest in a good one. And if you’re not that into a WBD, you could always add a little bit of color or pattern to your button down!

    White Button Up

    A white button up would be my choice for this because it’s truly classic, goes with everything and you can pretty much wear it in all seasons. I’ve had this one from Abercrombie for a couple of years and I love it. It’s more of a loose fabric versus a crisp cotton giving it a nice flow and casual look.


    Patterned or Colorful Button Up

    I’m loving this green striped button up from Gap. It actually has a button back as well which I think is super unique! Could make for some great outfits.


    Chambray Button Up

    If you’re looking for something classic, but not in love with a white button up, a button up chambray shirt is another great way to go. It’s great for layering and you can wear it throughout most seasons making it a great option!


    The Basic Tee Shirt (Choose one)

    The White Tee

    You can’t go wrong with the basic white tee. It will go with literally everything in your closet and can be worn through most seasons. A basic white tee is definitely something I would invest in if you’re adding it to your wardrobe.


    The Long Sleeve Knit Tee

    I love a lightweight long sleeve tee in the Spring because it can still be pretty chilly as everything is warming up. I’d opt for something 100% cotton or linen so that when it’s warmer it will still be super breathable. I’ve had the same Gap tee for YEARS but I’m eyeing these ribbed knit tees from Everlane when I’m ready for a replacement.


    The Graphic Tee

    To add a little more personality to your capsule, I’d opt for a great graphic tee. It could be from your favorite band or just a really cool tee – I like this one from


    A Dressier Top (Choose one)

    For our third top option, choose something that’s a little bit dressier that you could wear to dinner, but that’s casual enough to wear with jeans for a fun lunch date. I recommend long sleeves since you’ll probably be wearing it at night when it’s cold.

    Wide Neck Knit Top

    This wide neck knit top from Dissh is a great way to add an elevated look to a pretty classic ribbed tee shirt. It could be dressed down with jeans and sandals, or add a pair of heels to dress it up for date night.


    Textured Cardigan

    I ordered this textured cardigan for my spring capsule wardrobe because it’s such a good addition. It’s got. really interesting texture to give it some interest, but it’s still pretty basic that it will go with almost everything in my closet.


    Ribbed Knit Crop Top

    I’m absolutely in love with this green knit top from Dissh. It’s perfect to wear with leather shorts for a night out or with jeans for something more casual. The color is beautiful and the ribbing gives it a super interesting texture.



    Jeans (Choose one)

    The tale as old as time, the thing that will never ever go out of style – jeans. Jeans are the number one item I always recommend as a closet investment because you truly wear them year around. A good pair of jeans can elevate your whole look, and a comfortable pair of jeans will (I promise) change your outlook on wearing them all day. Here are a few options I’d reach for in my spring capsule wardrobe.

    Light Wash Denim

    To me, spring means a light wash jean. It pairs so well with the brighter colors in my closet and just screams “the sun is coming.” I keep a good light wash denim in my rotation at all times.


    Ripped Jean

    What better way to keep it casual this spring that a pair of ripped jeans? Agolde makes my favorite pair of jean shorts, so I’ve been thinking about taking the plunge into a great pair of their jeans as well. These ripped jeans have caught my eye!


    Interesting Style Jean

    Jeans will never go out of style, and that’s because there are a million ways to do them. You can keep it simple, or add some fun shape and texture like these jeans from ___.


    Shorts (Choose one)

    Like our jeans, a pair of shorts are crucial for putting together a capsule wardrobe for the spring and summer months. I love throwing on a pair of jean shorts with a long sleeve top in the spring, and here are a few options I’d pick up for my capsule wardrobe.

    Agolde Jean Shorts

    I’ll say it now and I’ll say it again, the Agolde jean shorts are 100% worth the money. I purchased the Riley shorts from a revolve sale a couple of years ago and I’m so glad that I did because these are truly the best shorts for spring and summer. I can wear them all day long without getting uncomfortable.


    Paddle Shorts

    I’m loving these cute paddle shorts from J. Crew for Spring. I took a peek at them in-store and they are such great quality and would be perfect for a spring road trip or just a casual spring outfit.


    Linen Shorts

    Nothing screams Spring like linen shorts. They could have a tailored look like these shorts from Aritzia or you could go with a cool pattern or color.


    Something Dressy (Choose one)

    For our last pick in the pants section, we’re going to choose something a little bit dressier. These will be great for a night out with your dressier top, or could be paired with your basic or staples for a more casual feel.

    Leather Shorts or Pants

    There are so many options when it comes to leather shorts and pants. I’m really into these faux leather shorts I picked up from Amazon because the pockets are really roomy and the shape is so flattering. Plus they are pretty inexpensive. You could also opt for a leather pant or jogger and those would look great.



    A skirt is a great way to add something a bit dressier to your wardrobe. I’m not too big on skirts myself, but if I was going to add one to my wardrobe I’d opt for this silk skirt from ___. It’s easy to dress up or down with the other items in your capsule.


    Linen Pants

    Linen pants are a great option for the spring and summer months because they are super breathable and lightweight. I’d wear these with my swimsuit to the beach, or style it with a cute top for a date night.



    Sandals (Choose one)

    Let your toes finally breath after being in boots for 5 months with a pair of sandals. There are a hundred ways to do sandals but here are a few of my favorites.


    I’m absolutely drooling over these tan Birkenstocks with the gold buckle. I have a black pair that I wore every single day last spring and summer, so adding these to my wardrobe is a no brainer. They’re extremely comfortable and great for a casual look.


    Leather Sandals

    I love these designer-look-for-less leather sandals from Tucker Nuck. They are great dressed down with jeans or dressed up for dinner with linen pants.


    Woven Flats

    Okay, these woven flats from Tucker Nuck are incredibly cute. These would be the perfect spring shoe, I may have to snag these myself!


    Sneakers (Choose one)

    Great to throw on for a casual look, a pair of sneakers are going to be essential in your spring wardrobe. Here are a few pair of sneakers I’d grab for my spring wardrobe.

    White Sneakers


    Cool Sneakers

    I recenty upped my shoe game with these Nike Low “Moon Fossil” Dunks and I’m really liking them! They’re perfect for a super casual and cool look.


    Colorful Sneakers

    Since I’m trying to add more color into my wardrobe, I’ve been eyeing these colorful sneakers from J. Crew. They would be a great addition to any spring wardrobe!


    Fun Pair (Choose one)

    For our last pair of shoes, choose something a little more interesting or dressy for your capsule wardrobe. If you’re a sneaker girl, this could be another pair of sneaks or you could opt for a great heel to dress your closet up a bit. Whatever you choose, make sure it showcases your personality and goes with (almost) everything else in your wardrobe. If you’re picking a heel, it’s probably not going to go with your basic tank and shorts, but that’s okay as long as we have enough variety in our other clothing options.

    Leather Heels

    I bought a pair of leather booties from Feners this fall and they quickly became my pride and joy. For Spring, I’m also loving these leather heels by them!


    Strappy Heels

    These $50 heels from Amazon have been a must-have in my closet for a couple of years. They are extremely comfortable and come in tons of colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches your style and your spring wardrobe.



    I’m a sucker for a good pair of mules, and these woven mules from Sam Edelman have really intrigued me this year. A woven texture gives a great spring feel, so I’d definitely pick these up if you’re into mules.


    I hope this was helpful in building out a solid wardrobe for Spring. I know it can be super difficult to curate a seasonal style and decide on what items to purchase for an upcoming season, so i hope this post helped you narrow it down a bit! If you’re looking for more tips and tricks to building out your spring capsule wardrobe, check out my TikTok @Kaylin_Jeanette, and if you’re looking for capsule wardrobe styling inspo, you can also follow me on Instagram @Kaylin_Jeanette.

    Happy shopping!

    Xx, Kaylin

  • Adding Color To My Spring Wardrobe

    Adding Color To My Spring Wardrobe

    I’ve been a neutral girl for as long as I can remember. Beige, black and creams were always just the easiest colors to pair up to create a cohesive outfit. But lately, I’ve been dabbling in a little bit of color and I decided to go all in for my spring wardrobe. Here’s how I’m adding a little more color to my spring wardrobe this season.

    I knew the first step was going to be a colorful sweater that would function as the perfect winter to spring transition piece, so I snagged this 100% cashmere sweater from J. Crew for under $60 when I saw it in store. Since this sweater is pretty fitted and cropped, I went with an XL for an oversized and comfy fit.

    I’ve had this tan J Crew Factory blazer for almost 10 years and it’s still one of my faves. I’m loving the tan against the bright red-orange sweater, and the blue pinstripe detail adds some extra detail and color.

    To keep it colorful and even more fun, I found this pink feather button up on major sale at J Crew. It was one of those must-get pieces that will really spice up my spring and summer wardrobe. I ended up picking this up in a 6 for an oversized fit.

    My spring color search doesn’t end here, her are some colorful spring outfits I’m dreaming up this year.

    A great casual outfit for running errands.

    Ribbed Tee | Light Wash Jeans | Tote Bag | Trainers

    I love this look for a casual spring day.

    Raffia Bag | White Button Down | Jean Shorts | Birkenstocks

    I saw these shorts in store and I love this look for a spring road trip.

    Zip Sweatshirt | Paddle Shorts | Canvas Tote | Trainers | Baseball Cap

    Mark my words, this will be my spring uniform.

    Ribbed Tank | Cashmere Sweater | Tote Bag | Birkenstocks

    Are you adding in some color for spring or keeping it neutral?

    Xx, Kaylin

  • Clear Game Day Bags

    Clear Game Day Bags
    Best clear bags for football games

    Now that most stadiums require attendees to have clear bags, I of course wanted to have something cute to take to games. I’ve been using my Game Day Fitted bags for almost a year now and they’re seriously the best (and cutest) clear bags out there. With lots of different styles to choose from they have a clear bag to fit everyone’s style. They are great quality for a really good price point!

    Cute clear stadium bags
    Clear stadium bag
    Clear crossbody stadium bag

    I love the TFL Handbag because it has a removable insert, making it super versatile. You can take out the insert and use this as your clear stadium bag, or keep the insert for a cute crossbody.

    Cute clear stadium bag

    I also have the Baller Fanny Pack and it’s honestly the best idea ever. I have yet to see another clear belt bag like this. It’s great for a super casual game day look and very hands-free.

    Clear bag for stadium
    Clear belt bag for stadium

    The best part is that they’re a small business, and the owner, Hayley, is so sweet and helpful. You can even customize your bag with your team’s name, or a player’s name & number. So great for adding a little more personalization!

    There are so many other styles of bags on the GDF website that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I’ve got my eye on the MVP Handbag and the Reigning Champ Shoulder bag for a designer look.

    So if you’re looking for the best clear stadium bags out there – Game Day Fitted is the way to go!

    Product gifted by Game Day Fitted

    Xx, Kaylin

  • Best Purchases of 2022

    Best Purchases of 2022

    The theme of 2022 was leather and basics. I made quite a few purchases this year, but let’s get into my top 5 buys of 2022.

    Leather Jacket

    After trying on this All Saints Balfern Jacket in-store, I purchased my pre-loved leather jacket on Poshmark for 50% less than retail (I have a full blog post on this here). Even though I only bought it half way through the year, it’s been my most worn item of 2022. For me, I knew this would be something I could wear with pretty much everything and in pretty much every season. It’s something I plan to pass down to my future daughter one day so it was very much worth the investment for me. If you’re shopping for this jacket I highly recommend trying it on in-store before committing. I had to go up 4 sizes for the perfect fit.

    Gucci Slides

    Okay I’ll be the first to admit this one was a little bit of a gamble. I had never tried them on and I was pretty sure my feet would sweat profusely in these fur lined Gucci Princetown mules. I decided I needed them anyway, and I don’t regret it one bit. The one thing I would do differently is size up in these as the fur takes up a lot of room inside the shoe. But I was able to use some leather stretcher and a blow dryer to stretch them out a bit for some extra room. I also purchased these on Poshmark and was able to save over 50% off retail. I’ve worn these so many times this winter, even walking through NYC, and they’ve been extremely comfortable and warm without making my feet sweaty at all. Highly recommend for an effortless, cool girl look.


    This year, I added 2 new styles to my Shop Ambitionist bodysuit collection and it was one of the best investments I could have made. I love a good turtleneck and after trying the tank bodysuits last Spring I knew I wanted to go with Shop Ambitionist for my colder weather needs. My favorite is the power player turtleneck (I have it in black and white) and I also really love the button up henley. I seriously wear these bodysuits multiple times a week. They are so comfortable and the perfect basic to go with legit everything in my closet. Since I have a longer torso, I like to hang mine to dry which I highly recommend. I’ve thrown them in the dryer a few times and they are totally fine but I like the extra length the air dry gives me.

    Amazon Levi’s

    I tried over 10 pairs of jeans from different brands this year and I finally landed on the viral Amazon Levis this November. They quickly made it to my top purchases list due to the fit and the wide leg length I was after. I will say the more you wear them the more they stretch out and get more comfortable, as any good denim should. I wear them multiple times a week and really only wash them once every few weeks.

    Black Booties

    When I got an Instagram ad for these black leather booties from Feners I was immediately hooked. I love how the heel is a little different than any other black bootie out there. These handmade leather boots are seriously one of my most prized possessions. For something made so well with sustainability and workplace ethics in mind, the price is honestly shocking – under $200. I feel like these are better than a lot of designer boots for a fraction of the cost without compromising on craftsmanship or style. Big fan of Feners!

  • The Ultimate San Diego Travel Guide

    The Ultimate San Diego Travel Guide

    San Diego is hands down one of my favorite West Coast travel destinations. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just visiting for the laid back California vibes, San Diego has a little bit of everything. Experience great food and culture in North Park, go for a morning walk in Mission Beach and find some great shopping in Mission Valley. With something for everyone, it’s the perfect vacation spot for families, couples or groups of any size. So pack your bags (and your swimsuit!) and explore everything San Diego has to offer with my Ultimate San Diego Travel Guide.

    The Ultimate San Diego Travel Guide

    Getting There

    Flying into San Diego is super easy through its local airport – San Diego International Airport (SAN). The airport is extremely easy to navigate and has some great food options. Once you’ve landed at SAN, it’s only a quick 10-20 minute Uber to nearby hotels.

    When To Go

    Southern California is famously sunny all year round, so it’s a great place to visit any time of year. However, if you’re visiting during the summer months you can expect very high temperatures and tourism as this is the most popular time to vacation in San Diego. If you’re wanting to avoid the summer rush (and heat), I recommend visiting any time from late fall to early spring.

    What To Pack

    Sunny Southern California is know for its warm days so light, breathable fabrics are the way to go. If you’re planning to visit during the fall or winter months, be sure to bring a sweater or jacket as it can get pretty chilly in the evening. Don’t forget your swimsuit and reef-friendly sunscreen if you plan on swimming in the ocean.

    Where To Stay

    The Pendry San Diego

    Photo credit: The Pendry San Diego

    If you’re hoping to experience some great San Diego nightlife, downtown is the place to be. The Pendry San Diego is a great option that is within walking distance to plenty of restaurants, nightlife, beaches and shopping. The Pendry welcomes you into luxury with an urban coastal California aesthetic and plenty of amenities on site. With a spa and four restaurants on property, you’ll hardly ever have to leave.

    Catamaran San Diego

    Photo credit: The Catamaran San Diego

    With lush palm trees and ocean views, The Catamaran is the perfect escape in the heart of Pacific Beach. Hop in the pool or take a short stroll to the ocean – this Polynesian-themed resort has plenty of ways to help you relax and cool off from the SoCal sun.

    Hilton San Diego Bayfront

    Wake up to beach views and grab drinks at The Pool Club. The Hilton San Diego Bayfront has everything you need for a relaxing vacation near The Gaslamp District.

    Where To Eat

    Harry’s Taco Club

    Harry’s Taco Club is hands down my favorite casual restaurant in all of San Diego (and maybe ever). Enjoy a Cali burrito in Harry’s all-outdoor seating area, or walk a few blocks down to the beach to enjoy your meal by the ocean.

    Seneca Trattoria

    If you’re looking for an amazing rooftop dinner experience, Seneca Trattoria is a must see. Designed by Avro Ko, this swanky Italian-Roman style restaurant looks to San Diego’s nautical and Maritime history for an amazing atmosphere with breathtaking views of downtown San Diego. If you have dinner at Seneca, make sure to take a trip to the ladies room where the nautical interior design travels to the moody restrooms hidden behind an almost-secret door.

    Board and Brew

    Photo credit: Board & Brew

    With 13 locations in the San Diego area, Board and Brew is the best place to grab specialty sandwiches and local brews in SD. They make everything in house, working with local farmers to source fresh and high quality ingredients for an exceptional taste.

    What To Do

    Outdoor Activities

    San Diego is no stranger to outdoor adventure. Enjoy the warm California sun with these fun outdoor activities in San Diego.

    San Diego Zoo

    As one of the most popular attractions (and largest zoo in the US!) the San Diego Zoo is a must see for kids and adults alike. Wear your walking shoes to experience the 100 acres of wildlife that’s home to over 12,000 animals, or take the Skyfari Ariel Tram across the park for breathtaking views of the Zoo and Balboa Park.

    Sailing Tour

    Photo credit: San Diego Sailing Tours

    Head out on the water with San Diego Sailing Tours for incredible views of the California coast. From group charters to private trips, you’ll enjoy a luxury charter experience on one of the vintage yachts in the San Diego Sailing Tours fleet.

    Paddle Boarding

    Photo credit: West Coast Paddle Board Rentals

    Get out on the water and take a paddle boarding lesson from West Coast Paddle Board Rentals. There’s no experience necessary, making this a fun activity for everyone!

    Morning Walk at Mission Beach

    One of my favorite morning activities in San Diego is to grab a cup of coffee and take a nice morning walk on the Mission Beach boardwalk. It’s the best place to walk right by the ocean and there are tons of restaurants around to stop for a quick breakfast.

    Dinner at Sunset Cliffs

    Photo credit: Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association

    For a laid back and unique dinner experience, grab your meal to go and head to sunset cliffs for a beautiful sunset dinner. It’s a great place to go as a couple or with friends.

    Museums and Attractions

    San Diego Museum of Art

    Photo credit: San Diego Museum of Art

    With art from the Americas to Asia, the SDMA has curated a museum of worldly art exhibitions covering early and modern centuries. Take a trip through Renaissance to Realism or view the new 20 piece Modern Women collection recently added to the museum.

    San Diego Natural History Museum

    Photo credit: San Diego Natural History Museum

    As one of San Diego’s oldest museums, the NAT is a must see for any age group. Learn about the evolution and diversity of Southern California in one of San Diego’s top visited attractions.

    The USS Midway

    A San Diego must see, the USS Midway Aircraft Museum is fun for all ages! Take a tour of the ship and hop into some of the most notable US Aircraft.