• Winter Sweaters | Banana Republic

    Winter Sweaters | Banana Republic

    If there’s one good thing about winter it’s a chunky knit sweater. It’s seriously the easiest (and coziest) thing to throw on on a cold winter day. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for the best winter sweaters, and Banana Republic came to the rescue. Ever since their latest glow up, BR has been serving modern day styles that still keep an ode to their roots. I love the “your moms sweater but better” vibes and the quality is always so amazing that you can count on passing these sweaters down for generations – which is what we’re all about over here! I love to find items that can contribute to my capsule wardrobe and that I know my future daughter would one day find “cool and vintage.” 

    I’ve round up some of my favorite investment-worthy sweaters from the 2022 fall/winter collection. Happy shopping (and investing!) 



  • NYE Outfit Inspo

    NYE Outfit Inspo

    No one will be surprised that I’ll be keeping it casual and effortless this New Year’s Eve. However, the occasion does call for a little sparkle. I’ve gathered my New Year’s Eve inspiration for a sparkly and effortless look.

    The easiest NYE outfit formula: jeans + sparkly top. I’ve round up all the sparkly tops and nye outfit inspo I have my eye on this year.

    And if you’re looking for some effortless and casual NYE outfits, I’ve put together my top picks, including my new favorite Levi’s from Amazon.

    In my mind this is the perfect New Years outfit. I love this little feather bag for special occasions and I’ve been eyeing some bling from Ring Concierge including these diamond studs that would be perfect for this look.

    Sparkly Top | Jeans | Black Heels | Diamond Studs | Feather Bag

    Or, if you’re more of a skirt person, this sparkly skirt from J. Crew is super cute. I’d pair it with my black turtleneck bodysuit from Shop Ambitionist and this adorable rhinestone wrap bag.

    Black Turtleneck Bodysuit | Sequin Skirt | Black Heels | Rhinestone Bag | Diamond Studs



  • Fall Staple⎮All Saints Balfern Jacket

    Fall Staple⎮All Saints Balfern Jacket

    A leather jacket for fall? Count me in.

    There’s a reason we’ve seen leather jackets worn for decades. Because it’s a timeless, versatile piece you can wear all year long. And best of all, it looks pretty freaking cute over a sweater for a fall look.

    Throwing on my leather jacket makes me instantly feel more put together and gives all the Pinterest/fashion blogger vibes. This year, I decided to invest in the All Saint Balfern Jacket for a few reasons.

    1. This is definitely something I see myself wearing for years to come and passing down to my future daughter one day.
    2. I needed a really elevated closet staple that could be combined with the most simple tee or tank for a put together but effortless look

    A leather jacket is the perfect closet staple because it goes with virtually everything. If you’re ever in doubt, throw on some jeans and a leather jacket.

    As for the Balfern Jacket specifically, It’s very well made with super soft leather and the perfect cut and silhouette. The front lapels lay perfectly (but not too perfectly) for a put together and effortless look and I love the zippered slits on the sleeves for some extra detail and interest. I would suggest to size up a lot with this jacket because it can run pretty small – I took a UK size 12/US 6 and it gives me the perfect amount of room for layering. I also love the leaving the belt un strapped to really bring home the “I just threw this on” vibes.

    One of the best parts of this jacket – if you don’t want to pay full price you can pretty easily find a secondhand option online. I saved over 40% of retail by finding mine on Poshmark and since it’s genuine leather you don’t have to worry about wear and tear showing because that’s part of the charm.

    All Saints Balfern Jacket

    5 Reasons to add a leather jacket to your fall wardrobe:

    1. It will last forever and you can pass it down to your kids

    A leather jacket is just one of those things that has never gone out of style and will never go out of style. Plus your kids will think you were really cool and bad ass.

    2. Aged leather is part of the charm

    The best way to achieve that effortless, lived in look is to add a piece that’s actually effortless and lived in. Leather is the perfect element to use because it keeps getting better as it ages.

    3. Holds its resale value

    While it’s true you can save around 50% off retail purchasing this specific jacket secondhand, the secondhand resale value doesn’t change much. Especially with genuine leather and especially over time natural materials will hold their resale value a lot more than synthetic garments, regardless of the brand on the tag.

    4. Layerable + versatile

    A leather jacket is the perfect layering piece because it’s so versatile and easy. You can keep it simple over a black or white t-shirt, throw it over a hoodie for a causal look, or put it on over a dress and sweater for a cozy date night look.

    5. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer

    You would probably think to steer very clear of leather during the spring and summer months, especially if you live in the southern United States like me. But, did you know leather can be a great summer staple? While you probably won’t be throwing on your leather jacket in the middle of a July day, it’s a great addition to throw over your shoulders for date night in a chilly restaurant.

    The bottom line is that I’ve already gotten so much use out of this jacket and have only had it a few months. Because of it’s versatility, quality and the fact that it can make any outfit look effortless I know I’ll be styling this one forever!

    x Kaylin

  • 6 Spring Outfit Ideas

    6 Spring Outfit Ideas

    I can’t tell you how over the cold I am. I’m at the point where I’ll just start wearing sandals and let my toes freeze because I need the warm weather to come! I’m sharing 6 cute spring outfit ideas to get us all in the Spring spirit and hopefully encourage the sun to come out!

    #1 – My Spring Uniform

    I’ll be living in this all Spring long. Trench coats are the hottest season trend and I love it because it doubles as a rain coat. Paired with the most classic outfit ever – a white tee and jeans. Plus, a little spice with the Gucci sandals.

    Trench Coat // White T-Shirt // Jeans // Gold Earrings // Black Belt // Black Amazon Bag // Gucci Sandals

    #2 Slightly More Fancy

    A slightly more elevated spring look with a white button up. Paired with my favorite Abercrombie jeans in black.

    White Button Up // Black Jeans // Gold Earrings // Black Belt // Black Amazon Bag // Gucci Sandals

    #3 A Little Bit of Color

    I’ve been trying to add a little more color into my life and I’m starting with a baby blue blazer. Mine is from H&M in Barcelona, but this one is a very similar color.

    Blue Blazer // White Bodysuit // Jeans // White Sneakers // Gold Earrings

    #4 A Puffer Vest

    You guys know I’m always here for a vest. I like this one from Abercrombie (on sale) but definitely size down!! Did you know yoga pants are back? These from Amazon are great.

    Black Vest // Amazon Sweater // Yoga Pants // White Sneakers // Gold Earrings

    #5 So Simple

    Comfy jean shorts and an oversized crewneck. Perfect for an out and about day.

    Similar Sweatshirt // Jean Shorts // White Sneakers // Gold Earrings

    #6 Keep it Casual

    How about a super casual spring outfit? A pair of jeans and a graphic tee can go a long way. I added these cute rain boots from Amazon.

    Amazon T-Shirt // Jeans // Amazon Rain Boots // Cross Body Bag // Gold Earrings

    If you try out any of the spring outfits, tag my on Instagram @kaylin_jeanette I’d love to see!



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  • Christmas Tree Decor Under $35 (& The Best Christmas Tree Decor Hack Ever!)

    Christmas Tree Decor Under $35 (& The Best Christmas Tree Decor Hack Ever!)

    *Read to the end for the BEST Christmas Tree decor hack ever!!

    This is my first year having a life-sized Christmas tree and I couldn’t be more excited. But, since we won’t be in this apartment much longer I didn’t want to spend too much money on the tree decor. I was feeling a little bit of a boho vibe this year, so I set off to create a really pretty boho Christmas tree under $35 – which was all the cash I had in my pocket.

    I didn’t go into this project with a specific look, and when that happens I like to go browsing until I find one piece that inspires me. I found this ribbon at Michael’s and my jaw DROPPED. I knew I had to have it and use it on my tree. And from there, everything else fell into place.

    One of the best Christmas tree decor hacks is to use picks to fill in the sparce places on your tree. I knew pampas grass would complement the ribbon really well so after searching EVERYWHERE I finally found this pampas on Amazon and I am beyond impressed! It lasts for years so I plan to keep it in my home decor inventory for as long as I can.

    After that the rest was so easy. I found these clear and frosted ornaments under $4 at Walmart, and I made some DIY boho ornaments (tutorial here) to bring in some of the white I knew I would be using in the tree skirt.

    Okay – and then comes the best Christmas tree hack I have ever seen. A blanket as a tree skirt. It’s GENIUS! It’s free and it looks so so good. I hate tree skirts anyways because I don’t like that there is this space between the bottom of the tree and the skirt. I had this blanket from Target that just isn’t very comfortable anymore but looks really cool and I knew it was the perfect addition.

    And that’s my tree! I’m so in love with it I just can’t stop staring. I want it lit every second of the day! All the items I used for this tree are linked below. If you try out something similar for your tree, tag me on Instagram @Kaylin_Jeanette. I would love to see what you come up with!



    Ribbon (the best ribbon ever)

    Frosted Ornaments (I found a smaller pack in-store)

    Glass Ornaments

    Pampas Grass

    Gold Cedar Leaves Pick (the perfect finisher)

    DIY Christmas Ornaments

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  • 3 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas (With a FREE Printable!)

    3 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas (With a FREE Printable!)

    I usually never decorate for Halloween. I’m more of a fall/pumpkin decor kinda gal. But, I wanted to do at least a little something this year without spending too much (well really any) money. And so, these 3 cheap diy halloween decor ideas were born. They’re also all super easy!

    1. Flying Bats

      This one is my favorite! To create these I used a bat icon on Canva.com, and cut it out on construction paper using my Cricut. If you don’t have a Cricut you can also just print out an image of a bat and use it as an outline to cut them out by hand on black construction paper. I also made tiny bats to use in the guest bathroom!

    2. Tassel Ghosts

    Another super super easy idea. All you do is use a tassel maker to make white tassels and then add eyes! SO easy! I used a sharpie but you could also glue on construction paper or anything else really! After I made all the tassels, I strung them together and hung just below my TV.

    3. Free Halloween Printables

    My all time favorite decor hack is using matted picture frames. You can change out the photo inside for every season or holiday making it super versatile! I have these cheap pictures frames from Amazon and they’re great! I like this particularly because the backs are easy to get off, so changing out the photos isn’’t hard on your nails.

    I made these printables in canva at a size 5”x8” and simply printed them out on cardstock and put them in my frames. Viola! You can create your own super easily or download my free printables here.

    If you re-create any of these please tag me on Instagram @kaylin_jeanette. I’d love to see your own creations!



  • 3 Vest Outfits to Try This Fall | My Favorite Vests for Fall

    3 Vest Outfits to Try This Fall | My Favorite Vests for Fall

    I’ve been a vest girl for… forever. I’ve always loved them! In high school I think I had about 10 colors (I’ve since narrowed it down to only the most important ones) but I don’t think I’ll ever give them up! When we moved to Florida, I almost donated all of them and I’m so glad I didn’t.

    Vests are truly the best outfit piece because of the pockets. It makes everything 10x more convenient! Every year I have to clean out the pockets because I’ll inevitably leave a tube of lipstick in one of the pockets of each vest!

    In honor of it being vest season and my favorite clothing item, here are 3 vest outfits to try this fall.

    Long Puffer Vest

    I snagged this long puffer vest from Zara last fall and I’ve definitely gotten my wear out of it. It’s quickly become a fall/winter staple in my closet. You guys know I love a casual outfit, and layering a vest over top is just my go-to in the fall. I couldn’t find the exact link, but here is a similar vest from H&M.

    Cropped Puffer Vest

    I was unsure about the cropped vest style, but I got this one from H&M and have worn it way more than I thought I would. I usually wear it with a long T-shirt, joggers and a pair of tennis shoes. This long sleeve t-shirt from Gap is probably 6 years old and still holding strong. I have it in 4 colors. My black vest is from H&M but it’s only sold in stores. So, if you can’t get your hands on it, this Zara vest is very similar!

    Long Sleeve T-Shirt // Similar Black Vest // Joggers // Tennis Shoes

    Quilted Vest

    This quilted vest from J. Crew is one that I’ve kept in my closet over the last 10 years. If you know, you KNOW this was the most popular vest of 2015. I can’t bear to part with it, and I usually wear it with just an oversized sweater, jeans and a pair of tall boots, or joggers and sneakers.

    Camel Sweater // Vest



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  • Game Day Outfit

    Game Day Outfit

    Not how we wanted This game to turn out… but at least the fit was cute!

    I wanted something a lIttle more elevated this week but also wanted to keep it pretty casual with these abercrombie jeans! I’m so into the casual Blazer look and i’m 100% bringing Out more looks like this this fall!

    The shirt was so so easy to make with my cricut. I added sparkly letters for a little something extra! You can make it Pretty easily or shoot me a dm on instagram and i can whip one up for ya!

    These black booties were the pErfEct lIttle addition and they’re very walkable!! I walked so much today and my feEt still feel pretty good!



    Baseball hat // Jeans // Leather Booties

  • 3 Game Day Outfit Ideas for Football Games + Tailgating

    3 Game Day Outfit Ideas for Football Games + Tailgating

    Football season is back baby! Yeah, the games are great but the outfits are better! I’ve put together 3 game day outfit looks to try this season. You can change out all of the colored items to match your teams colors super easily!

    Cropped T-Shirt (add vinyl letters) // Leather Leggings // Booties // Clear Bag // Gold Hoops

    Cropped Tank // Jeans // White Booties // Shacket // Clear Bag // Gold Hoops

    Red Hoodie // Leather Leggings // Jean Jacket // Ball Cap // Black Booties // Clear Bag

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  • 3 Ways to Wear a White T-Shirt

    3 Ways to Wear a White T-Shirt

    This week I finally tried on the 7 white tee shirts I ordered to find that perfect fit. I ended up keeping 3 (more on why I think you need 3 later) and I wanted to share with you guys 3 ways to wear a plain white tee shirt! These are probably my most worn outfits, because they’re so easy and basic that you can dress them up or down a million different ways!

    Option 1: Tied with a skirt or over a dress

    white t-shirt outfit Womenswhite t-shirt outfit Womens

    T-shirt // Skirt // Crossbody // White Sneakers // Glasses

    Options 2: Tucked in our tied with jeans. The most classic and my most worn!

    how to style a white tshirt and jeanshow to style a white tshirt and jeans

    T-shirt // Jeans // Shoes

    Options 3: With biker shorts and a jean jacket

    white tshirt outfitwhite tshirt outfit

    Jacket // Tshirt // Biker Shorts // White Sneakers // Crossbody Bag // Glasses

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