How I Hit 30,000 Monthly Views on Pinterest

  1. I took a Pinterest course.

    I took the Perfecting Pinterest course by Sophia Lee and let me tell ya – that was the best course I have ever taken (and I’ve taken ALOT). She shows you exactly how she grew her Pinterest account and how she drive thousands of page views to her site through Pinterest. I truly learned so much from her and I wouldn’t be where I am without this course. I have a special affiliate link here if you want to sign up – and I HIGHLY recommend you do! She also has a blogging course that I plan to take in the future.


    If you haven’t heard of SEO yet, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. Sophia talks about this in her Pinterest course, but it’s one of the biggest aspects of growing ANYTHING online. If google or Pinterest don’t know what you’re post is about, they won’t show it to people, it’s as simple as that. You want to make sure that you’re using language throughout your blog and Pinterest pins (or anything you’re posting) that are in line with what people will be searching for. If Pinterest knows your blog post is about 3 Winter Outfits to try This Year, they’re going to put it at the top of the page for someone who is searching for winter outfits.

  3. Tailwind

    Tailwind has also been so so helpful in growing my Pinterest. It allows you to pin and repin posts without having to actually do anything. The more posts you have going live, the higher the chance of someone seeing it, and the more your monthly views will go up. If you want to sign up, I have a referral link here that gives us both $15 towards a subscription – win win!

  4. Idea Pins

    Besides taking Sophia’s blogging course, creating Idea pins has been the top reason my Pinterest has grown so much. My top two pins are idea pins and I’m getting upwards of 10,000 views on both of them, and it continues to grow. The lesson here is to always do the new thing. If Pinterest releases a new feature or a new way for creators to post, USE IT! They want you to. So if you’re doing what they want, they’ll put your posts in front of people so that they’ll use it too.

Pinterest can be really daunting, but if you play your cards right, you can drive massive traffic to your website or blog with it. Be consistent, use your keywords and keep posting!

I hope this is helpful for you and if you have any questions on how to grow your Pinterest, please let me know in the comments!

(see how I added the keyword “how to grow your Pinterest” in there – that’s a secret example of how to use SEO!)



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