72 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

One of the most fun gifts to put together is a Christmas Stocking. If you need some ideas to get that stocking full, here are over 70 stocking stuffer ideas for the women in your life! Stocking stuffers are also great for last minute gifts or when you don’t know what to get someone. get a bunch of small things and put them together in a bag or cute basket!

  1. Electric lighter – best purchase I’ve ever made.
  2. The Kristen Ess Perfume lasts forever and is under $30
  3. Claw Clips
  4. Nail Polish – Essie gel is the best out there
  5. A cute sleeping mask
  6. Bath bombs
  7. Under eye masks – My favorite are these from Sky Iceland and they usually go on sale
  8. A good book – I’m really into The Guest List right now
  9. These beanies from Slouch Headware make a great gift in general
  10. A scarf – if you REALLY need to stuff the stocking
  11. Luggage tag for the world traveller
  12. Personalized coasters
  13. Catchall tray with their initials
  14. Wine stopper – the possibilities here are endless and these can be super personal
  15. Coffee mug
  16. Hand cream – Target usually has cute travel sized ones around the Holidays!
  17. Stainless steel straws, bonus points if they come with a case like these
  18. Bath salts
  19. Chocolate/candy
  20. A bottle of matches is great for your hostess friend
  21. Candle snuffer
  22. Candle wick clippers
  23. Gold cheese knife set for that one friend who always brings a cheeseboard to the party
  24. Jade roller
  25. Scrunchies
  26. Leather key chain
  27. Leather phone strap
  28. Personalized phone card case
  29. Letter stickers they can stick on anything
  30. AirPods case
  31. Face masks (the good for your skin kind)
  32. Manual coffee grinder for the coffee snob in your life
  33. A good bag of coffee from a local coffee shop
  34. Napkin holder
  35. Cute napkins
  36. Personalized pill case
  37. Jewelry cleaner
  38. Cozy socks
  39. Cuticle oil
  40. Travel mirror – this one has a light which is great!
  41. Travel hairbrush (it’s a thing)
  42. Phone ring light
  43. Shower speaker
  44. This handmade ring dish from Susan Gordon Pottery
  45. This 4 in one makeup brush is maybe one of the best things that’s ever been in my stocking
  46. I swear by these wine filters. They keep my face from getting flush and prevent hangovers!
  47. Ice roller – it might sound silly but everyone needs one
  48. Gold name necklace
  49. Gold initial necklace
  50. Birthstone ring
  51. Fidget ring
  52. State necklace
  53. Chapstick
  54. The earring company Studs is a great option! They have really cute single stud earrings that make a perfect stocking stuffer!
  55. Bottle of wine, with a custom label
  56. Travel jewelry case
  57. Custom name earrings
  58. Face masks (the kind that aren’t good for your skin, these silk ones are the best!)
  59. Gift cards
  60. Tappered candles (for your hostess friend who always throws a good party)
  61. Gold beaded bracelets
  62. Sunglass chain
  63. Gold mask chain
  64. Cable organizers
  65. Lip mask
  66. Dry shampoo– The Living Proof one is THE BEST.
  67. iPhone stand
  68. Leather gloves – these are 60% off right now!
  69. Phone case
  70. Portable charger
  71. Makeup remover wipes
  72. Fun earrings



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