The 6 Products You Need for a “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Some people call this the “no makeup” makeup look, but I like to think of more as a “natural skin” look. Like our beloved Aunt Becky, I believe that less is more when it comes to makeup. I use a very limited number of products to create my every day look that makes my skin look fresh and glowy.

1. A tinted moisturizer

For your base, start with a tinted moisturizer (bonus points if it has SPF) to give your skin a little bit of color and sheen. I love this tinted sunscreen from Elta MD but you can also mix a tiny bit of foundation with your favorite moisturizer to achieve this look. This moisturizer actually feels like I’m putting skincare on my face because I notice a difference in the texture of my skin when I’m not using this product.


2. A color corrector/concealer

For a true no-makeup look, your best option for under the eyes is a color corrector to cancel out and darkness. If you don’t have a color corrector you can achieve a similar affect by using the tiniest little bit of concealer to brighten up under the eyes. We aren’t doing a full coverage look here so you really only need a small amount to cover just the darkest areas. You can also use this to cover up any blemishes or dark spots on your face. My absolute favorite one is this color corrector/concealer dump from color science. It’s the only thing that’s actually brightened my under eye circles.


3. Brow pencil

We all know by now that the brows pull the face together. I like to go in with a light hand using the Anastasia Brow Wiz to give my brows more shape and definition. I’m partial to this product because the tip is so thin and I haven’t found anything from the drug store that applies as lightly as this one. You could also keep this super quick and simple by just using a tinted brow gel.


4. Highlighter

Nothing says “I woke up this glowy” like a good highlighter. Use a cream or liquid highlighter on your cheekbones, tip of the nose, Cupid’s bow and just under the brows to bring some light to your face. This will help give you that super dewy look that makes your skin look super healthy and hydrated. I really like the Rare Beauty highlighter.


5. Mascara

My desert island item would be a tube of the L’Oréal Lash Paradise mascara. Not only is it a great product, it lasts for-freaking-ever. To wake your eyes up even more, use a lash curler and then lightly brush on some mascara. We’re not going for big and fluffy, just a subtle definition of the lashes.


6. Blush

Our last step is a nice sweep of blush across the cheeks and nose. My goal is always for a natural flush to give my face a little more color and feel super vibrant. I like to do blush last because it truly just brings everything together. I also sweep what’s left on my brush across my eyelids (a tip I learned from Selena Gomez’s makeup artist) to help create a balanced look. I’ve been using this Tarte blush for quite some time now and I love how it looks.


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